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Sumi: 65 Ink Drop Transitions - Motion Graphic (RocketStock)
08.11.2017, 01:01

Sumi: 65 Ink Drop Transitions - Motion Graphic (RocketStock)
65 Video Files | 4K 3840X2160 | Video Encoding: MP4 | Video tutorial | 10 Gb


Designed to Make a Splash
Give your video a stylish look with 65 stunning ink drop transitions inspired by centuries-old brush painting techniques and traditional calligraphy.
Shot in extreme slow motion using the RED Camera's latest Helium sensor technology, these organic transitions also look great over live action footage, motion

graphics, and titles. Sumi features single and multiple drop effects, plus abstract mirrored assets too.

Elevate Your Video With Captivating Transitions

Multiple Effects
Single and multiple drop effects, and mirrored assets included.
Make Your Video Stand Out
A perfect match for title sequences, show openings, music videos.
Versatile Assets
Easily import MOV files to use as black and white mattes.
Quick Setup
Get up and running fast with our detailed video tutorial.

65 unique elements
Shot in both 4K & 6K
Detailed video tutorial included
Compatible with all video & animation software

Get Up and Running, Fast
Editors and motion designers can easily integrate Sumi into their workflow. Our detailed video tutorial will take you through every step of the way. Plus, you’ll

see how to customize your transitions, drop them into your timeline, and more.

Скачать | Download
RS3010_Sumi_Ink_Drop_White_On_Black.zip - 1.3 GB
RS3010_Sumi_Mirrored_1.zip - 801.0 MB
RS3010_Sumi_Mirrored_2.zip - 1.1 GB
RS3010_Sumi_Murky.zip - 1.0 GB
RS3010_Sumi_Single_Ink_Drop.zip - 1.1 GB
RS3010_Sumi_Slow_Motion_Ink_Drops.zip - 1.4 GB
RS3010_Sumi_Slow_Motion_Ink_Drops_White_On_Black.zip - 1.1 GB
RS3010_Sumi_Tutorial_License.zip - 318.3 MB
RS3010_Sumi_Two_Ink_Drops.zip - 625.9 MB
RS3010_Sumi_Two_Ink_Drops_White_On_Black.zip - 529.2 MB
RS3010_Sumi_Watercolor_Paper_Drops.zip - 1.1 GB

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